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did you know?

It’s been nearly a decade since Trader Joe’s found its way to Iowa. In that time countless Quad Citians have travelled 180 miles to the west returning with a car load of signature brown paper sacks. Nearly three years ago that drive was reduced to a two-hour round trip with the opening of a Coralville location.

Following the hugely successful launch of the area’s only HomeGoods store, Costco’s arrival and Portillo’s, we think it’s time to actively court Trader Joe’s to Elmore Marketplace. Quad City residents have always cared about food, its origins and quality.

Afterall, we’re in the bread basket of America.

Trader Joe’s: Anchor Here!

Let’s show Trader Joe’s some love and let them know we want them here in the QC. Please follow the link below and fill out the form with City as “Davenport” and State as “Iowa”. This form goes directly to Trader Joe’s corporate.

Go To Trader Joe's Submission Form




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